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Automatically illuminate your garden in style with the AmbientGarden ™

Your garden is a place where you will spend a lot, especially this summer. With the AmbientGarden ™ you can transform your garden into a beautiful, attractive picture .

No more cables through your garden

You do not have to lay cables through your garden to "connect" the AmbientGarden ™  .

The AmbientGarden ™ is charged by means of  solar energy! This saves you a lot of money on the electricity bill, you help the environment and you simply do not have to worry about it .

Thanks to the included attachments, the AmbientGarden ™ is easy  to pierce into the ground or to attach to a wall , fence or fence .

Enjoy romantic

The AmbientGarden ™ is an absolute winner when it comes to romantic lighting . The AmbientGarden ™ gives beautiful, warm light and, thanks to its attractive design, makes you dream of a holiday in a warm country.

Enough power for the whole night

When fully charged, your AmbientGarden ™ can continue to provide light for up to 12 hours . In addition, there is a sensor in the AmbientGarden ™ that detects whether or not the light should be switched on.

Good to know:

  • The AmbientGarden ™ is provided with the IP65 quality mark . The AmbientGarden ™ can stand for a long time in the rain without affecting its use.
  • The AmbientGarden ™ is available in different quantities. Think in advance how many lamps you want to place in your garden and order the right amount!
  • The lighting in the AmbientGarden ™ has a lifespan of 30,000 hours! 

The advantages of the AmbientGarden ™

  • Romantic lighting  for balmy summer evenings
  • No more cables through the garden
  • Solar powered: perfectly environmentally friendly!
  • With the on / off switch , the Ambient Garden ™ can be switched on or off at your own discretion.
  • Continues throughout the night by fires 
  • Lasts for years (30,000 hours)

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can the AmbientGarden ™ also remain in the garden in winter?

In principle, it is no problem to leave the AmbientGarden ™ outside in winter. When a severe winter (colder than -5 degrees) we advise you to Ambient Garden   to  bring in, just as you do with many other things.

How much light does the AmbientGarden ™ provide?

The AmbientGarden ™ gives, per lamp, 300 lux. That is more than enough to see each other and still keep it cozy.

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